Talentcenter VlaanderenTalentcenter Vlaanderen

Talentcenter Vlaanderen

In May 2023, the very first Talentcenter of Flanders opened its doors at Technopolis. This initiative by Voka aims to guide young people between the ages of 12 and 14 towards making the ideal study choice. After undergoing a series of scientifically supported tests, developed by Ghent University, the young participants receive a talent report and discover which study paths align with their abilities.

I had the privilege of developing the entire illustration style for this project. I achieved this by incorporating the colors and shapes of the logo, resulting in the creation of 12 unique characters. The challenge was to avoid making these characters appear too childish, instead ensuring that they fit into the young participants' world through their clothing, accessories, and hairstyles. It was incredibly gratifying to see these characters come to life.

Minister Ben Wuyts inaugurated the Talentcenter and also took part in several tests.

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