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Voka Tribune

Voka, the biggest Flemish network of enterprises, asked me to design the covers for their renewed magazine: Voka Tribune. The magazine is published twice a year and is distributed to all members of Voka.

"High time for breakthroughs"

Almost everywhere in the world, the egg is a symbol of a new beginning of life, the sign of change (from egg to chick) and of resurrection (breaking through the shell).


New year, new hope
In 2022 we will grow together

For this New Year's edition I turned some party blowers into a growing graph.

Get inspired
Forerunners for Flanders 2030

For this edition I took the forerunners literally and showed 2 entrepreneurs as relay runners passing a stick.

New chairman Rudy Provoost:
"We need to show more perseverance"

This time I drew a golf player hitting a ball high in the air. The word 'slagkracht' has two meanings in the Dutch language: 1) The ability to act decisively and have a big impact. 2) The force released when hitting something.