Sustainable ProductionSustainable Production

Sustainable Production

Production and distribution company Coeck has been supplying the construction industry for 4 generations with concrete products, structural and finishing materials. The youngest generation wants to continue that tradition and at the same time uphold its climate responsibility take: “A sustainable future is better for us and for the planet.” Therefore, they created this newspaper promoting their sustainable production. And yep, I created the illustrations.

Towards a climate-friendly product range

Coeck does a lot to keep the production of their range as ecological as possible. They do this in different ways.

Smart use of energy

They use the greenest possible energy: From electric forklift trucks to their own wind turbine.

sustainable logistics and mobility

Coeck ensures that all raw materials are transported by water. This way they keep a lot of trucks off the road.

The cover

For the cover I made sure that the 3 sustainable measures came together into one whole.