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Zodiac Glasses

Hans Anders, an optical retailer in Belgium and the Netherlands, designed a special constellation collection. For each zodiac sign, they have selected the most beautiful glasses under the starry sky, which perfectly match your style. Discover the glasses that suit your zodiac sign!

Cancer: As a friendly Cancer, your style can be called timeless and smooth. A beautiful, comfortable silver frame fits exceptionally well. Go for radiant glasses!


Leo: Hello charming Leo, this is the frame for you. The gold of these glasses is reminiscent of the wild mane of the lion and is perfect for drawing some extra attention to your eyes.


Virgo: As a Virgo, your style can be described as sophisticated and minimalist. Old pink and taupe go perfectly with this style. With a stylish combination of synthetic and metal, these are your ideal glasses.


Libra: Because you see the positive in everything, it is sometimes difficult to choose. Well, you don't have to! This frame has multiple colors and fits perfectly with your harmonious look.

Scorpio: This frame suits your strong personality, which you like to show through your glasses. Make a statement with these bold black frames.


Sagittarius: As a Sagittarius, you have both feet on the ground. You don't have to hide your positivity. Show it with this playful,s porty frame with white and red accents.


Capricorn: As an ambitious, resourceful Capricorn, glasses in stylish gray are the perfect match for you. A frame with a sleek design and beautiful silver details enhances your appearance.


Aquarius: As an Aquarius, you are always looking for beautiful things, preferably in the most beautiful water tones. The transparent synthetic of this frame in exceptional turquoise makes you shine.


Pisces: The transparent acetate and soft lines match your dreamy personality; Pisces. Colors like aquamarine and turquoise remind you of your natural habitat.


Aries: Are you an adventurous Aries who likes to make a statement? The red, fiery accents make these glasses as distinctive as you are.

Taurus: If you're a Taurus, this frame will suit you because your style is sturdy. You love nature and look great in natural tones because these are true Taurus colors.

Gemini: Is challenge your fuel? Then you are a real Gemini. Subtle rose gold and white in modern glasses show your expressive independence.

Commissioned by Mortierbrigade

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