At Radio 2’s Eregalerij, Belgium’s and the Netherlands’ greatest artists are honored by other musicians every year. I got the chance to participate in the commercial to announce this event. The result were stylistic caricatures which flow into each other.

In 2019, all the credit went to Guido Belcanto, Henny Vrienten and the musical geniuses behind K3.

Raymond Van het Groenewoud
Guido Belcanto
Ruben Block
Henny Vrienten
Bart Peeters
Miguel Wiels

In 2020, Soulsister and producer Wouter Van Belle received all theattention. This edition was postponed to 2022 due to Covid.

Jan Leyers
Paul Michiels
Simon Nuytten
Flip Kowlier
Helmut Lotti
Wouter Van Belle