Since January 2022 I’ve been creating a weekly portrait for the ‘Eindspel’ section, always found on the last page of Knack magazine. Every week the same 20 questions about life are asked to an interesting Flemish person.

It was very important to me that this assignment challenged me week after week, so it wouldn’t bore me. That’s why I chose to combine a physical characteristic with something typical of the interviewee. This could be his or her job, something they’re well-known for like a song, a book, a movie or a TV show... This way, it remains exciting for the reader - and for me - every time.

Elke Van den Brandt Brussels Minister of Mobility
Lise Vandecasteele Politician PVDA
Jacotte Brokken Weather Girl
Lady Linn Singer
Kinga Kantorska Estate Agent 'Blind Gekocht'
Björn Rzoska Flemish party leader 'Groen'
Ikram Aoulad Actress 'Arcadia'
Mercedes Van Volcem Politician from Bruges
Romina Van Camp America Correspondent
Freya Saeys Member of the Flemish Parliament
Sander Gillis Radio host MNM
Aimé Claeys Actor '1985'
Katrin Lohmann Sidekick 'De Ideale Wereld'
Barbara Rottiers Ambassador 'Jeugdboekenmaand'
Bram Bombeek Ex-farmer
Dominique Deruddere Director
Senne Guns Musician
Sarah Mouhamou Ketnet wrapper
Ruth Becquart Actress '1985'
Maaike Cafmeyer Actress
Tomas De Soete Radio host
Tom Naegels Writer on migration in Belgium
Merol Singer
Meskerem Mees Singer-Songwriter
Wim Willaert Actor
Bregje Hofstede Writer
Heleen Jaques Ex-football player
Héritier Tipo Presenter
Alexia Bertrand Politician
Carmen Willems General Manager KMSKA
Tim Verheyden TV Show: Fake News & Ik
Natali Broods Actress Déja Vu
Piet Huysentruyt Chef
Geert Verdickt Singer 'Buurman'
Jade Mintjens
Jade Mintjens Stand-up Comedian
Elisabeth Lucie Baeten
Elisabeth Lucie Baeten Writer
Marlies Van Wemmel
Marlies Van Wemmel Low Impact Woman
Lukas Lelie
Lukas Lelie Stand-up Comedian
Stijn Baert
Stijn Baert Labor Economist
Emmily Talpe
Emmily Talpe Major of Ypres
Sven Speybrouck
Sven Speybrouck Universiteit van Vlaanderen
Jean Blaute
Jean Blaute Musician & Producer
Malin-Sarah Gozin
Malin-Sarah Gozin Screenwriter
Nicole De Moor
Nicole De Moor State Secretary for Asylum & Migration
Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert
Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert Privacy Expert

Rik Verheye
Rik Verheye TV Show 'Nonkels'
Flo Windey
Flo Windey Internet Series 'Flowjob'
Sofie Merckx
Sofie Merckx Party Leader PVDA
Dimitri Verhulst
Dimitri Verhulst Writer
Servaas Bingé
Servaas Bingé TV Show 'Da's Dikke Liefde'
Wim Distelmans
Wim Distelmans Writer & Doctor
Nadia Naji
Nadia Naji Co-president Groen
Hilde Van Mieghem
Hilde Van Mieghem TV Show 'Als je eens wist'
Koen De Graeve
Koen De Graeve Theatre Play 'Crime and Punishment'
Maaike De Vreese
Maaike De Vreese Politician N-VA
Koen Vanmechelen
Koen Vanmechelen Artist
Maarten Vangramberen
Maarten Vangramberen Sports Journalist
Lara Chedraoui
Lara Chedraoui Singer 'Intergalactic Lovers'
Guido Belcanto
Guido Belcanto Singer
Ben Wollants
Bert Wollants Politician N-VA
Eva De Roovere
Eva De Roovere Singer-songwriter
Inge Paulussen
Inge Paulussen Actress
Walter Damen
Walter Damen Lawyer
Bockie De Repper
Bockie De Repper Vlogger about High-calorie Food
Celia Groothedde
Celia Groothedde Politician - Groen
Maurits Vande Reyde
Maurits Vande Reyde Politician - Open Vld
Dimitri Leue
Dimitri Leue Theatre Play 'Onderland'
Joris Hessels
Joris Hessels TV Show 'Taxi Joris'
Elise Caluwaerts
Elise Caluwaerts Soprano
Urbanus Stand-up Comedian